Saturday, February 7, 2009

disney memory lane.

i was aiming the blogger [which is a good blog, so go peep her], and we were talking about how bull-ishy the disney channel is now a days. I mean, its ruled by hannah montana, the highschool musical rejects, and the cheetah girls?!?! lmao. We had a flash back, and HOLLER IF YOU HEAR ME!! if you remember:

WISH UPON A STAR! omg, i was watching it today on youtube, and did you know that they cursed in this movie? well, they used words that the cheetah girls sure wouldnt. HEHE, tastelessness! they said "WHO THE HELL DID THIS?!" lol, i was like..WOOO! i love my childhood. AND..AND..they talked about "making out and VIRGINITY"..and i laughed..when they said..."have you DONE IT YET??" "IS THAT A HICKEY?!" Plus, its starring Katherine Heigl, you all lover her now..but BELIEVE she was glorious in the 90's.

Next, is Life size. Cuz i mean, who wouldnt LOVE a life size barbie that was BROUGHT to life? lol, id be tryna borrow the pink mustang FOR SURE! LOL! and remember Tyra's song? "SHINE BRIGHT, SHINE FAR, DONT BE SCARED, WHO YOU ARE...etc" Plus, lyndsey still had freckles and pale skin, with a splash of innocence.
Aww, im gunna love if anyone remembers Susie Q. Made me SOOO impatient to be in highschool so that i could go to prom! LMAO.

LMAO! TIA AND TAMERA and the cute lil bro! hehehe. the cutest movieeeee. Seventeen again. I wish Disney would do like a flashback day..and play all these..and ban that retarded bullshit they feed todays kids..HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!?!?! a bunch of teenagers..singing about bullshit in their gym shorts just doesnt cut it for me.
sure enough,


  1. haha. I miss those :/.
    wish upon a star used to be on of my all time favorites! and life size. haha

    i miss the old Nick shows too.

  2. haha so true! that was a bomb conversation ;)

  3. soooo just named all the movies that i was like in LOVE with!! HAHA you took it waaayyy back girl! lol

  4. Susie Q!!!! Love you for that!

    I think I was a reality show junkie from early! B/c I LOVEDDDD Me some Bug Juice!

    "Bug Juice! It doesn't come in a jar. Bug Juice comes from who you are! It has the flavor of what you can becomeeee!"

    Oh, yes, I did!