Thursday, February 5, 2009

ehh. yo serious.

OMG. so, why oh why. when women find random numbers that their male companion has..they go after the female? i mean, really tho. its not the women you attack..its YOUR man. My theory is, your man companion is YOUR partner..not the mystery woman. She dont have to love you, respect you, eff word of that..thats HOMEBOY job. So, my deal and plead..ask HIM what HE is doing. WHERE he been at? I mean, homewreckers are booty to me. As if enough heartbreak isnt have to be the root of the evil?! but thats all off subject. If your man is cheating or doing something with another lady friend...its not her fault..its his. DONT go ghetto bitch hyphy baby mama on her ass...scratch that niggas eyes out, and set his shoes on FIYAH. lol.


  1. LOL! Hey this goes both ways.

  2. AMEN...ugh why the holy word has to have "Men" in it im just saying lol

  3. lmao!!! i been in both situation like a guy talking to me and his girl hitting me up the next day or me being with my boyfriend and he cheated on me....its a natural thing to hate the female of course we hate the man at that time but we tend to forgive him but still hate the girl that was in the picture...with my story it turned ghetto baby mama mess bc i came at her woman to woman and told her that my man has admit to me that yall slept together and can we talk girl to girl...and she wanna not answer but call my man that just made me hot so i ran all through that trick and trust me all his shit was on sample road all under the trucks driving by....its sucks its different situations bc there are alot of hoes that are aware that the man is married and they stilll wanna fuck shit i see it this way 90% of woman have been cheated we all know what it feel like so that why i can never mess with somebody man i cant...i think what if i was the girl.. nice post