Tuesday, February 3, 2009

hair dilemma.

iight. so as of right now, i have a hair problem. hahha. i love it. but sooo tired of it. ive had it like this for a while now. short bob at the top, and long at the bottom. I miss my long luscious curly sue hair. So, my thing..is let it grow. i was gunna cut it all off today, but like 5 people begged of me NOOO. lol.

so. ill just wait, hopefully by summer, ill be all length.

here is my hair as of today.

This will be my hair..if i cut it..

And, this is my old hair. its naturally curly and awesome.. lmao, and nevermind the 2006 graphics..thats just how long its been. hahha.


  1. its cute girl at least yo hair aint green like mine im not a blonde anymore

  2. grow it with me!!!! i love your luscious locks

  3. hmmm. to tell truth it looks good either way. im not lying

    ok grow it out!

  4. i like the look lol...it adds volume!
    mmmm but if ur that bored how bout just more layers..instead of choppin it all off

    ps u girls have been tagged!...u can look at my blog if u wanna do it..
    lmao i know some get annoyed by it.