Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tag Tasteless is IT.

Soooo.... Nay Nay tagged us!! THE RULES: WRITE SIXTEEN THINGS ABOUT YOURSELF TAG HOWEVER MANY PEOPLE YOU WANT BY LEAVING THEM A COMMENT LETTING THEM KNOW THEYVE BEEN TAGGED. Im tagging the girls of PussyGalore and BeEasyBreezy ! & my hotties at Kalikreme & DizZy!..

8 Random facts about

1. Im Xtremley O.C.D....colors and brands must cordinate

2. I'd rather save an animal before savin a human life

3. Jay Z gives me chills

4. I have big gets in the way sometimes...when im talkin that is

5. I grew up a tomboy & still have tomboy tendacies

6. My cats name is "girlfriend"

7. I rather be a loner than a follower

8. My favorite color is GLITTER

8 Random Facts about

1. I cant text on anything that isnt a handheld phone.

2. I cant hide my feelings, because my face always expresses whats going on in my head. =/

3. Going to NY with NIKKY this summer. WOOP!

4. Cant save a dime for shit, i literally have to hide it from myself.

5. Gummy bears are my passion.

6. I hate swimming, [not because of my hair, my hair is awesome when its wet] but that dry ashy feeling it gives you when your done. LMAO!

7. Im soooo happy that im childless at 22, i dont fit the hype!

8. I have a birthmark under my left breast, only special ppl can see it.


  1. :D
    Interesting to know! Yall are both weirdos! Welcome to the club ladies. Ya blog brother, -DizZy