Tuesday, February 17, 2009

tank you veddy much.

To thee left side are our most recent followers: we see you pretty diamonds.[wink]

we follow all types of different blogs. the journalers, the shopaholics, the youtube fiends, the "spread beauty facts" bloggers, the "look at my swag" bloggers, famous people, random people. And, we dont know what to label ourselves..we try to bring it all. but, whatever made you press the "follow this blog" button, thanks a ton.

We know we dont have a gazillion, trillion followers yet, but we are thankful that someone reads our blogs. Sometimes, you cant just keep all the cool shit that the internet has to offer in your brain..or those random days that kinda stick to you, but you have to express it to someone else besides your besties...

so, we scream our cool out to the world wide internet universe.

we love you blogging diamonds..shine on bitches.

love, team tastelessdiamonds.


  1. how nice haha
    ur welcome
    & thank you too!

    i feel as tho i have a internet family lmfao.

  2. Haha, I just noticed the "never fallow diets" quote. I love it.
    && awesome blog, glad to be fallowing it ;)

  3. Blog is dope just glad to read some good stuff

  4. you're welcome :]

    thanks for being an avid reader and thanks for having one of the most interesting blogss.

  5. Big ups to your blog. I'm lovin' it!!