Sunday, March 8, 2009

Get your envelopes time to address the fakers, wanna-be players & bootsie ass n*****

It was all good just a week ago
But your head got big & blew up your ego
You took the same approach
You wasn't lyin you ain't got NO game & thats not a joke
You fed her the same lines
Probably told her her hair was prettier than mine
You must be kidding cause I aint forgiving
I don't want you
Cause your frontin ass wasn't true
Said he was way different then the rest
He said stick around and you could see me at my best
People who talk too much
Aint about much
I'm tryin to stay suckafree
With you I'll never be
On to the next cause your just a mess
Oh and on the real, your best friend want it
Didn't mean to flaunt it
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Follow my lead & blast every mafucka that did u wrong!!
Truly Yours,