Thursday, March 5, 2009

to my twitter addicts.

so, twitter is the new "cool" thing. A lot of people have asked me to join. I was a little iffy on the thing. I dont want to be some internet fiend. I just learned how to NOT log on to myspace everyday. So, im getting better. Ive been thinking though. Maybe I [kia] should make tasteless a twitter? hmm, thinking about it. AS IF WE ARENT THE COOLEST BITCHES ALREADY? lmao. okay, that was extra. lmao. hmm, so, ill have to see what thee partner in crime [nikky] thinks about this whole ordeal. to be continued....

p.s LMAO to the 2% 65 and older twitter fiends!! hahahaa..i gotta find em if we do decide to join, that just tickles my spine!

how many of you already tweet for a living? If you do, leave us your link..until we decide so that we can follow. gee, thanks!


  1. i tried but it's really confusing... REALLLYYY confusing. it's kinda like updating your status on fbook.

  2. lol @ your myspace comment
    but twitter is okay. some people be straight o.d'n but it's cool, if you decide not to join you wont be missing out on much


    only reason im on it so much is cuz they have a pretty dope iPhone app for it. too convenient not to use lol.


    Joined cause my friend asked me to with him so he wouldnt be alone. It's actually kinda fun though