Saturday, April 18, 2009


Oh man. ASK anyone, and i say that Atrak is my favorite DJ. He has been for YEARS!! This party was magical though..and excuse me for being a little extra..but we are MEGA fans. lol.

FIRST. on a limb, i twitter him. Now, I AM SOO ANTI TWITTER. But, atrak is a twitter fiend. SO...i do it. GUESS WHAT! he twittered me back..hehee. SO, i got all number one fan excited. lol. lame, i know.

SECOND. we get there and its an awesome vibe..atrak comes down and chats with the i introduce myself as "IM DAMNIT KIA FROM TWITTER" and he instantly knows wtf im talking about and hugs me..YUMMAY!

THIRD. we take this awesome ass picture. i mean..aint it awesome? BITCHESSS!


  1. lol i see you had great time thats cool

  2. scored AGAIN! damn he probably knows you two now LOL I love A-Trak's spectacles