Thursday, April 16, 2009


eff you diet. I mean, the two of us have been trying to work things out for 3 months now. ITS BEEN A LONG TIME COMING, but straight up..EFF YOU.

lmao. ive been a little bothered with the fact that I WANT SOME FATTY FOODS for a few months now. I mean, ive had an affair with the grease and carbs here and there. BUT, i was driving and I was stuck in L.A traffic..HUNGRY as hell. Now, my first mind was excited to stop by pinkberry and get some good old fruit on my yogurt..UNTIL..


this bitch of a truck got stuck RIGHT next to me. smh. face lit up..literally..on some extra i havent had a fatty burger in decades and what not..LMAO..check out that OVER THE TOP EXCITED SMILE, and do you see those delighted glistening eyes? YES, its that serious. THE KID IS STARVING.

But, i was strong..went and shopped and overdosed on some pinkberry. But, to my diet directly, IM dumping you this weekend..ITS A RAP! we are over..dont call, text, stop by the house, drive by my job..NUTHIN..we over. vamoose.

in and out..YES.

P.S. i was looking at my picture..and next to that a chin..that doesnt have a double one under it. NOW, 3 months ago..there was an extra chin..sooo, i have some thinking to do before i risk my awesome chin...for a 4 dollar just sayin bruh.


  1. oh yes betch, you can eat LMAO fosho more seconds for kia!

  2. my kia baby!
    lmaooo! this post was awesome!
    u look purrrtyy mamashh! member dresses in NY?!!