Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Game 5: LA/Denver

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Tonight we take it back 2 LA! This series has been so damn good from start to finish! Big shots, huge plays, buzzer shots, refs cheatin, dudes playin FOUL...I LOVE IT! I'm all west coast & Kobe is my favorite of all time but I wouldn't mind seeing Denver do there thang N the finals! Who ya'll going for??
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Annnnndddd I told myself I wasn't gon do this BUT I cant resist. Fuck it! Ima name dropper! Sue me! Back N my younger days when I was a party animal I met JR at a club in San Fransisco. I didn't really think he was cute but he was kinda charming ina awkward clumsy persistent way. Well after making small talk we exchanged numbers and met up the next day. I watched him play in basketball tournament in Berkeley, then after me and my girls went to have pizza with him and his teammates. His next night would be his last and final night in California. I met up with him and we walked to the top of this hill and made good convo for a good hour. Nice memories i must say. He's a good dude too, never once tried to get frisky. Though he's been in Cali since I've never caught up with him since that 3 day escapade, (usually boo'd up or I don't wanna make the drive to the bay. But I had to shout him out since he had a 24 point banger in game 4!

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