Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial day hello.

Hey you guys. Its been a while since ive blogged. so, hope everyone is done eating BBQ, drinking till they fall, and done SHOPPING for all those awesome sales! hehe. yes! My memorial weekend was nice and long, i feel like its been a week rather than a 3 day weekend. But, i still can live without work for the rest of the week.
This bag is my newest Tokidoki bag..its SO cute! I got it on saturday. YAY!

Speaking of Tokidoki, Melrose will be getting an official store in LA. SO BITE ON THAT NY!


  1. i love that first pic of you, its awesome

  2. cute cute cute bag.
    and lol i got a LIL bbq left..
    wish it was much more..
    and im done drinkn and ish.