Saturday, May 9, 2009



When we post something on our blogs, its for our amusement..and we just like for our "friends" to be amused as well. WHAT WE DONT just have anonymous NOBODIES post comments that are WORTHLESS to us. Let me put you on blast..WHOMEVER the anonymous asshole is..LET YOUR FACE BE SEEN.

dont ever in your life post some hatership on our blog..and be faceless. I havent even seen you..and flat out..YOUR FACE IS HURT, and when you die and resurect as a bird..i hope you get shot, get packaged, and thrown in a oven for thanksgiving. Because to tell the truth..we really could give two shits bout cassie and her baby nipples...cuz if you didnt know..we really on some bad bitches status. No broke greedy hoes here...get some facts before you go on jeopardy HO!

UGH!! i mean, are we being punked?! TASTELESS DIAMONDS?? UGLY??? LMAOOO!! april fools in May?? get a life tickle me.

Here is what the lame said....

Anonymous said...
who are the busted bitches on the right hand side of this site? cassie murders them hoes.never was broads are hilarious when they talk shit about broads who did something in they life
May 8, 2009 3:29 AM

P.S who are we kidding...its about time we got some haters...we are welcoming more..ITS SUMMER TIME, we need at least 15!!!!


  1. YOU TELL EM LADIES!!!! You gotta have haters! Thats when you know youre doing something right! Ohh and that pic you put up is FIERCE!! I LOVE IT!!!!

  2. I've had anonymous funks post whack ish on my site I can feel you ladies on this topic

    What Folks need to remember its a blog if yo ass dont like wat ur reading you are more than welcomed to "keep it moving"

    I'm I right or I'm right ladies? can I get a Amen ? lol

  3. lmao ay dios faceless shit talkers are the best

  4. that's hilarious! the poster is probably some fat ass overweight mole who has nothing better to do than stalk websites! :)

    love you girlies! i think ur both FAB! xxx

  5. hahahha. we got calle busted.

    "IMMA TELL MY BLOGGER FANS!!" they some gangstas yo!!

  6. I was hoping for an Anonymous post.
    Shucks...LOL Keep killin' em ladies.

  7. its SHABOOOKIE here.. u lemme know who fucks with ya'll cuz they fuckin with u they fkin with me. i love you guys..u sum real bad bitches!

  8. All I have to say is that haters are going to hate. My philosophy: let them. If people are so desperate to make themselves better by trying to publicly humiliate someone then let them. They must be that pathetic especially if they are too scared to show their faces. You already know that hella peple will disagree. So scrw these whack ass anonymous people and until they can show their faces they will be ignored. By the way, hi Kia

  9. haters hate becuz they can't be you, so brush them off tasteless !

  10. Fuck The Haters!! Yall are beautiful and I love ur blog!! I love how yall bllasted they ass!! Whomp on them