Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Hate It When Wednesdays

So from now on Kia & I are going to express all of our hates on Wednesday. It goes a lil something like this: I Hate When _________....and so on and so on. As readers I would like all of you guys to PLEASE join in! So first off, Fuck your Bitch & the click you claim. Westside when we ride come equipped with game. Lol! Jk Jk! But I mean forreal!

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I Hate it when a bitch with SHORT hair talk about she cut her LONG hair cause it was "annoying" "got in the way" was "too hard to manage" Show me proof you had that long hair! & dont hate on the next bitch with long hair! Thats just Tasteless! SMH!

I Hate it when Im in the club wearing my opened toed best, walking thru the thick ass crowd & ah mafaaaa steps on my foot! Fucks up my shoe & bruises my damn feet!

I Hate it when bill collectors call talkin sooooo damn friendly till they ask for a couple hunnid dollars and THEN they wanna set you up on a monthly payment plan! Like Bitch weren't we just koo a couple minutes ago and now you wannna take all my funds. I told you 'I aint got it'!

I Hate it when I got a fresh manicure and I'm unloading groceries or lifting something heavy and then 'PoP' there goes one of my nails! Them bitches hurt too!

I Hate it when Im shopping at Forever 21 in they're big ass pile of plain tees & they're all 'XS' or 'S' and if I get lucky I mite find ONE large at the bottom of the pile!

I Hate it when I sit down in my car on my leather seats and burn the fuck outta my ass! Then finally when my ass adjust to the burn I stand up to get outta my car and my legs are stuck to my damn seat and it makes the digustingly gross noise when I try to lift them bitches up!

I Hate it when I got a new outfit & my bestiiee wants to borrow it before I have even wore it. Granted its been sittin N my closet for some time now. Tags still on a N everythang! BUT im just waiting for the right occassion!


  1. thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comment!!! ;-p


    keep in touch.....

  2. i hate it when i go shopping and find the PERFECT SHOES, and they dont have it in my size...ugggh wtf?

    i hate it when i go to the club hair done then i get out my hair is all puffy & shit...damn

    i hate it when girls who USED to have long hair cut it then put weave in their hair..ugggh lol

    cuute blog hon 2 ♥♥

  3. 1. I hate it when people cough all extra hard and dont cover their mouths! cotdamn that ish is nasty! dont nobody wanna catch that tuberculosis or swine flu ish, cover your mouth!

    2. I hate it when people with more money than you ask to borrow money from you. I mean you see them counting stacks and then look over to you and ask if they can borrow $5. Um how about no!

    3. I hate it when I just come back from the car wash and park my car and less than 30 mins later some bird has doo dooed on my car. I mean dang!

  4. i hate it when you havin the best cupcake session. gigglin, lil flirts here and there, then have brief deep moment..and *beep beep* phone dying..WHAT A COCK BLOCK!

  5. this was funny, just what i needed.

    I hate it when people say their smart, and they make stupid ass decisions that does not support their compliment of onesself. "If you were so smart, you'd never made that dumb ass dcision."

    Become a follower of my blog, and I will do the same. Thanks

  6. I hate when I meet a fly ass, nice dressed, swagga on point type of dude then meet his "girl" and she is BUSTED!

    I hate when ugly guys try to grind up on you in the club, Uccck bwooy STAWP. If that hag you was just tryin' to dance with isn't hearin' it what makes you think I am?

    I hate alot more stuff, but I hate having to think about it all... ha ha

    Besos girlies.