Saturday, June 20, 2009


Literally people go nuttssss 4 the iPHONE. I know first hand I work for AT&T and I have worked there for three and a half years (veteran N the game). Yesterday I experinced my 3rd iPHONE release. Not 1...Not 2...But 3! Do u people get it?! Apple makes a couple a minor changes and then they make a last minute announcement that there will be a "new iPHONE." First we had the iPHONE 2G, then the iPHONE 3G, and now most recently as of 6-19-09 we have the iPHONE 3 GS. The changes include: 3.o megapixel camera, video and video editing, faster processor, and a compus. If that makes your heart skip a beat, and your head just screams I need to spend a couple hunnid to have that in my life then come see! Shyttt more commission 4me! Until then I will be slavin my lil ass off till this craze dies down.

Darling Nikky
(located @ your local AT&T store)

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