Saturday, June 20, 2009

My twitter storyline.

a few favorites that i enjoy time to time.

followcurly@damnitkia didnt realize u were a expert n the different degrees of dick sauce... Out of everything 2 study n master u choose dick sauce? Lol

damnitkia #YOUKNOWYOURHUNGOVER when your fingers smell like asshole and you dont know why..but all your friends do!! EEEEK!

followcurly bad sex is worst then women who wear Ed Hardy hats.... i cant stop laughin....

EffFreddy@damnitkia >=) lemme Make U do The Stanky leg W/o A Beat,Juss the sounds of skin clashin soundin Like an Applause =x

MistaIanJay FINALLY this car smells like a car and NOT pawed out cat vagina

Key_KeyBoomBoom Is it that hard to find your babys father? Do people not keep tabs on who their fucking now a days?

atrak In this LOL ROTF age, I see HAHA in caps and catch myself trying to figure out the acronym. Hilarious Awesome Happy Alright?

EffFreddy@damnitkia guh I luhh u like a ho w/ a mini skirt askin to sniff test that thang! Lmao,I juss wanted to say ho =/

damnitkia @efffreddy ..stfu. i luvver you extra a step brother that i wanna hump on..sneak in ya room in the middle of the night.

Nikkyface@damnitkia I mite pull one of my girls out for a dub...and he did feed me lobster tonight...ehhh he mite get it doggie tonight...MAYBE

Joey_Cool@damnitkia wub wub wub wub wub

EffFreddy@damnitkia Yea I don't like Ur twitter..Delete it!

thee end.

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