Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I hate it when wednesday prt. 2

I hate it when Wednesday:
-bitches think its cool to rock chipped black nail polish because they are "emo" just because your sad doesnt mean your nail beds have to suffer.

-niggas brag about what shoes or tees they have, men are the NEW women. I love a man that can dress, but keep that bitch talk to yourself. I should be the only one amped about my new shoes.

-i hate waiting for packages. i wish george jetson could deliver my online shopping..UPS be taking too long.

-People are ugly and try to hit on me. Im should be thinking im to good for you. I know when a man is too Hot for should KNOW that i wont be into you. Why should i have to lie and say "i have a bf, and i dont need more friends??"

-My eyebrows grow out. MAN, i swear i look like chubacca's step daughter. All dirty and hairy looking..i run to "Missa" my nail and brow lady...cheetah style fast!!

..ladies and gents..rant your hates below..hehhee.

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