Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dropped my Tiffanys Earring N the Sink...

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My day started like this: (conversation via text message)
Me: Babe something horrible happened
BF: What?
Me: I dropped my earring down the sink :(
Me: Babe I'm hella sad. Im getting a wrench at lunch. Im gonna have Manny take apart the sink :(
So for the next couple hours I was anxious as hell! At lunch I grabbed 2 of my dad's wrenchs. Brought back to work and put my lovely co workers to work! We took apart the sink, but because the sink curves I was still un-able to reach my earring. I stook a plastic fork, and a plastic spoon down the pipe but no luck...I ended up breaking the spoon. I texted the boyfriend in desperation:
Me: I really miss u...and u didn't even tell me u hope I get my earring out...
BF: I miss u too N u wld want  get that damn earring out...u shldnt b so careless!
Yikes! The pressure was on! After consulting with the co workers,we decided we couldn't take apart the curvey pipe we decided we would have to saw it apart. Yea SAW it apart. This meant, I would have to pay for a plumber when it was all said and done. Wasn't really worried about that but I was desperate to get the earring my boyfriend had got me for our 1st Valentines back. My co worker went home to get his saw and I kept thinking of other ways to get out my precious earring out. I thought of using a paper clip and sticking gum at the end hoping that it would stick, when that didn't work my other co worker Jaunita came up with a BRILLIANT idea to use the paper clip and make a lil hook at the end. Annndddd it worked! I screamed sooooo loud! Though I was in the back of the store ever last customer in the front of the store heard me! I will never be that 'careless' again! Moral of the story: It's not the VALUE it's the SIGNIFICANCE that matters!


  1. aww im glad to see u got it!! and yes thats definitely true.

  2. Oh EM GEE! You had me biting my nails!!! SOOOOO glad you got it out! You are one HONEST chick I wouldnt have told the bf anyyyything til I got it out or not. Knowing me...i'd be the one to go buy a new pair! SMH @ me being sneaky! Glad not everyone is as bad as me! lol!

    Nice blog! Good read!We're now following!

    -Kelly of *AF*

  3. hahahah soooo something i would do!
    im glad u got it outtt omg thts tiffany u better have got tht shit out lol