Sunday, August 30, 2009

Interview With CHARM

Nikky-You are known as Charm but what is your government?
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Nikky-Are you a charmer?
Charm-"I think I try to be"

Nikky-OK, give us a lil background on Charm?
Charm-"I come from a good family, with 3 older sisters, 3 older brothers, and 2 younger brothers. I was born in Bakersfield, lived there till I was then moved to the OC"

Nikky-How did you get into acting and modeling?
Charm-"I was with this girl for 2 years and something and when we broke up I had a lot of frustration. I put all my enery into proving I AM SOMEBODY. I always wanted to model, always wanted to act, always been into fashion and when I was introduced to a photographer by the name of Patrick Mackenzie. I was constantly booking shows."
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Nikky-What shows?
Charm-"Mtv Next, Janice Dickison Show, Bad Girls Club, Commercial for Capitol One, Battle of the Brides and music videos, and so much more I just can't remember"

Nikky-Who is your inspiration?
Charm-"Pharrell because he is well mannered, classy and not over the top. OH! And Tupac! He was so wild! I love that so much! He was real and collective with so much swagger So yea, a combo of Pharrell and Tupac"

Nikky-Ok, now real dilly, what can we expect from you on Tool Academy?
Charm-"Shit is going to be wild! Charm is unpredictable"

Nikky-Now,  down to the nitty gritty, is the show real or real fake?

Nikky-Like,  100% or 99% real?
Charm-"100% real"

Nikky-Are you on the show with your ex?
Charm-"It was a girl I was on and off with. At that time we were on trying to work shit out"

Nikky-What do you have in the work for the future?
Charm-", any other projects I could get my hands on, doing books, photo shoots. I just did a photo shoot for DJ KaySlay's magazine Straight Shooting. I just wanna stay working, stay positive and stay blessed. OH! And look out for my I Love Charm shirts!"
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Nikky-Can I have one?
Charm-"Most definitely. Ill be sending you one."(Expect to see that on me real REAL soon!)

Nikky-So what are you most proud of in your career so far?
Charm-"Tool Academy, that was the break. I mean it's VH1 you know. Plus its my most recent project"

Nikky-Who was the most interesting person you have worked with?
Charm-"Janice Dickinson, she is so outspoken, she's off the wall"

(Minor Interruption while Charm buys cigarettes for minors...Camel Filters to be exact! Ha!)

Nikky-Lastly, can you leave us with your contacts?
Charm-Twitter & Myspace
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Stayed tuned for Tool Academy every Sunday at 9PM standard & make sure you catch the premier tonight!

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