Monday, August 3, 2009


This season, the vinyl accessories company LeSportsac goes a bit more serious with Tomokazu Matsuyama. The contemporary artist is known for merging a modern American style with traditional Japanese calligraphy strokes, done randomly in bright, primary colors. Close-up, the paintings look intricate and methodical, but far away, it's more like a lot of violent, vibrant paint splats.Those splats decorate LeSportsac's second Artist in Residence collection, with a print designed by Matsuyama that's based on his previous work. The six bags (some huge, some tiny, some just for carrying your lunch) retail at $40 - $110... about 90% less than any of TM's other creations.

Some of TM's work if you are not familiar.
P.S get me the backpack, thanks. lmao. SPLURGE HERE!!

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