Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Twitter Tuesday

Here go my favorites of the week:

@BLaCkitaLiaNa7 #randomthought god made pussy 2 keep yall niggaz occupied so yall don't become smarter than us....

@Nikkyface #iwillneverforget meeting @damnitkia @ House of Blues N LA @ the QTip get up...then Silk Black Spot after...@shabookie u remember!

@EffFreddy #uknowusprung when u listen to madd r&b while jerkin off...lol I dunno

@EDotDizzy Nigga you are a grown man.. you should NOT have deodorant balls under your arm!

@EDotDizzy If you have hair on ya pussy.. A BUSH.. i will not be tasting that.. or rubbing it. Brillow pad pussy! no bueno!

@GL0 #whentwitterwasdown people text messaged in tweet language. "@kevin #whatudoing?" (via @1eighton) *DEAD* LOL

@Nikkyface @damnitkia do you have heartburn...or NO HEART syndrome??

@PATAFRIA I have mexican food, money, reggae &ciroc on my agenda tonight...followed by rough sex. What's on yours?

@EffFreddy @damnitkia if u was on MY love show!!! I'd name u Giggles & Cream

@FlypaperCross Sometimes i watch these judge shows to get a glimpse of promiscuous African American women.

Thanks Kids, your the best.
-Kia. aka. @damnitkia

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