Monday, September 21, 2009

Have you seen him?!

Lets get a little personal. All my life Eric and Ariel have been my idol on love. Someone loves you at first sight. You cant speak, he can't understand you at all..but for some strange reason..he is drawn to you and immediately needs you in his life.

Have I told you that its happened to me? He has been in love with me since I was 10 years old, at first sight. CAN I ADD--I was going through my ugly stage?! And he has been the only man that IVE ever gave 2 shits about! Have I told you that sometimes I get soo tied up in my own life, that i forget that my dream has come true, and for some selfish reason..i make that love that he has for me.."NOT ENOUGH?"

Ive taken my bitchy ways and evaluated myself. I enjoy being tasteless and heartless, its fun. But honestly, its not who i actually IN love, and i am constantly fighting my emotions. SO, as of 1am this morning..i talked it over with him...and im dropping my heartless games.

Nikkyface will be sure to be proud..right?



  1. Luv the comparison to Ariel.

  2. i knew my bia kia had some cupcake N her!
    Guess my mushiiees aure rubbin off on her ;)

  3. that is just so sweet....

    PS I HEART the little mermaid- fav Disney move of all time.

  4. GREAT POST!!! Gotta love LOVE & DISNEY!!!