Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye Vs Taylor

Beginning: Mister Controversy Kanye steals Taylor's Shine
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Middle: Kanye apologizes mid way through the VMAs while at home, via his blog!
Image and video hosting by TinyPicEnd: Beyonce saves the day & calls Taylor back to the stage to give her acceptance speech.
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  1. I swear, Kanye needs to calm down LOL. But, hey, I agree...I like real music, not country pop/disney channel, but hey, she makes it work & she dresses cute, so oh well.

    Beyonce is a bad bitch, & Kanye giving Outkast his award was beyond fly, & beyond sweet. Outkast deserved every award they ever received.

    I was really upset, no one had ever told me how Tupac died, & when I found out I was like...I just felt fatherless, lol. :( But, it's okay, I have a dad! Tupac just missed out on a lot of life, but it wasn't exactly his fault. I've learned that being humble & treating every one with respect will get a person way further than leanin out their ride talking shit.

    Oh well, I love your blog, by the way:)

  2. We need to come up with a word equal to cunt for guys! when we do that, Kanye will be called that! Help me out here!!! how bout DUNT?! lol

  3. you guys make me feel better about no having time to blog... come here and I got all the blog-ness I need <3