Friday, September 11, 2009

Milian X The Dream

The newlywed couple just announced they are expecting. Im just getting over the shock of the fact they got married on 9/4/09 at the little white chapel in Vegas. Her dress rentel being 200, and his rented tux 100. And now they are pregnant. THATS NOT FANCY! Anyways, lets see how this works out. Im sure Nick Cannon is laughing at Milian. Least he married the hottest bitch known to man, and living HELLA large.


  1. Hey, hun, LOL, I figured something like that.

    I think a lot of us females feel connected through this mans life, & that's not exactly bad. It just hurts sometimes, but he was strong, & extremely intelligent!

  2. Hello Beauties! You're still doing great things here, and I love you and your fab. blog!!

    Really appreciate your dedication to me and my spot! I can't survive without your spectacular comments!!! You keep me blogging.

    Meantime, I do have to apologize for not coming by more often. I have been working like crazy to finish my manuscript.

    Can't wait to unleash Sexy on the world in all his delicious splendor!

    Come by when you think I'm slacking, leave me a comment and I promise to show up here.

  3. wow the chapel? come on Dream... you made major hits and you cop a rental?

    wasssup nick cannon!!!

  4. what a coincidence that The Dream and Mariah Carey did a song together, who happen to be married to Christina Milian and Nick Cannon, who used to go out!

    Oh Hollywood..