Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Twitter Tuesdays

If your on twitter, go ahead and leave your twitter link, we will follow, we love you bloggers dearly!
Here are my tasteless favorite tweets for the week:

@CoachCarter5891 #wheniwaslittle our social networking was football games, dances, kickbacks, house parties, malls and skating rinks. Myspace? Facebook? Nah

@BLaCkitaLiaNa7 #morningsex + #wakeNbake = breakfast of champions

@followcurly i walked into a room full of women drinking wine and listening 2 im not gone cry (waiting to exhale song) i slowly started walking backwards

@JungleBoyTM your moms pussy looks just like #chrisbrownsbowtie

@PATAFRIA #itmightbeover for the chic that lines her lips with black pencil then fills em in with gloss

@iAM_bOx Chris Brown ruined his life. that nigga boutta be fat in 6 months

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