Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Curtis---where are you?!

I just got this fond memory when i was around 7 years old. There was this boy named Curtis. He was light skinned, curly short hair, green eyes, and had the cutest smile with 2 teeth missing because he was 6. I remember all the kids would come out after school and we would play baseball in the street. Curtis and I would flirt SOO much! I remember he asked me to be his girlfriend after I hit the ball across the fence! I, of COURSE, said yes. I remember I would bring my neice to play..and Curtis would pretend he was the dad, and I was the mom, and my neice who was a baby at the time, was OUR child. He would come over and watch cartoons with me, or we would have homework dates, or my favorite--record our favorite songs on the radio--onto tape!! It all worked out beautifully because his mom and my mom..were BEST FRIENDS since they were kids. LOL! Oh man, to be young, care free, and have a feeling of "LIKE" for someone. Curtis had to move away, but I remember when I was in High School I had seen him at a store, and I instantly swooned him and I always wondered..what has fine ass Curtis been up to all these years?!

Things that make you go hmm?!

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