Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Hey guys its kia, Since I dont myspace anymore, dont you guys wanna read a survey on my awesome ass self?! lmao..i know, i know..you said yes!! lmao. here we go. have fun.

1] MY EX- always comes back for more.

2] MAYBE I SHOULD- slap a bitch today, its way over due.

3] I LOVE- the way kids cry when they get lost, sometimes i want to steal them.

4] PEOPLE WOULD SAY THAT I'M- actually they need to keep my name out they mouf!

5] I DON'T UNDERSTAND- why nikkyface "dropped it on ghostface" LMAO!

6] WHEN I WAKE UP IN THE MORNING- i look in the mirror, brush my teeth and say "BURR!"

7] I LOST- my mind along with brittany spears..

8] LIFE IS FULL OF- bullshit, carbs, and sex.

9] MY PAST IS- now my future. benjamin button style.

10] I GET ANNOYED WHEN- bitches call themselves "bad bitches"-where is this documented, and who told you that?!

11] PARTIES ARE- for drunk 15yr. olds that jerk and have stanky legs.

12] I WISH- for the balloon boy to pick me up next time, and take me to NY.

13] DOGS- always bark, and never bike. I always bite, and never bark.

14] CATS- are pussies. no, literally. lol.

15] TOMORROW- the sun will come out [hits high note annie style]

16] I HAVE LOW TOLERANCE- for women who take their heels off in the club..thats breaking the rules!

17] IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS- i'd find a way to spend it in 1 hour. shameless.

18] IM TOTALLY TERRIFIED- of your face, that shit is crucial! IT RUINS ME!


  1. These are amazing, so I'm stealing it from you. :) LOL nice answers chica.

  2. love this...im think i might borrow this for a minute

  3. So basically....you're freaking awesome!!! Love the answers! hahaha

  4. you crazy kia, crazy i tell you

  5. i sincerely LOVED every min of this... lol

    your too fun. ;)

    **2, 11, 16, 18 LOVE!!!! haha