Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Its been a while, but my favorites still make me giggle...

@JungleBoyTM #TilasHead is what they use to make them long pennies at amusement parks

@TheophilusL Incense got the crib smelling like a church... All I have to do now is youtube a service #thefuture

@DarnellWright #WhyIsIt When Landing on an Airplane do people CLAP? Like if we Crash are we supposed to Boooo?

@DarnellWright #excusemebut Bitch did you come to bed with Baggy Draws On?

@DarnellWright #excusemebut FUCK YOU MEAN I was licking the Wrong Hole

@CHUCKDI3SEL #lieswomentell "I have little feet"...no shorty ya shoes r too small that's y ya toes look depressed

@FuckMeTonyPoLo Shit I can't lie ... When I be in the vagina with no hat on ... My facial expressions be wicked lmao cross eyed smiling frowning

@PATAFRIA -a bitch couldnt do shit but try 2grab all this hair...bitch aint nobody tender headed u thought wrong!!

@Nikkyface #ladiespleasestop wearing pointy closed toe shoes. That's NOT in no more!

@EffFreddy Peep 2:16 wen @Nikkyface broke it down for Poppa Ghost LMAO! @Damnitkia u shlda Follwed w/ sumn http://bit.ly/8V4uG

@DamnitKia #unfollowme if you hate women who curse in every fuckin sentence..I'm going to heaven..but my mouth is going to hell.its horrible


  1. hey ladies whats yur twitter?

  2. click the pixx on the side of our page & ull be right there N our silly minds!