Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kim Kardashian Boxing?!

"About to start boxing! In my physical! I'm sooo scared!!!!" Kim Tweeted.
Kim and a few family members joined a boxing match with some fans for charity work. Kim, had got a black eye and said her girl could throw a good punch..hence her little black eye. NOW, i like kim, shes all sweet and cute. But, I was praying that when she sent out a picture of her black eye...that it would be a BAD PUFFY BLACK EYE...but, OF FREAKIN COURSE, it almost looks like make-up...GRR. But, I think its a cool get to fight celebs..can I go a round with chris brown...secretly, if he has a mouth gaurd...i think i could K.O the light skinned asshole.


  1. haha that should be interesting!

  2. hey now...dont go so hard on chris brown

    what he did was not right but its done & over wit.

  3. Damn they just showed this on Tv and she pose to have a Black Eye...