Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lost Love

Lately, Ive been SO anti-love. It irritates me. The only people that i am FOR SURE IN love with are my girlies and my family. Loving a man has been so hard and distant for me this year, and I dont know where this all stems from. I asked my twitter friends "whats the dumbest thing you have done for love..." and the best answer was..

"The dumbest thing I've done for love, is actually thinking that I was IN LOVE." -EffinCLiff
I dont know if I CAN love anymore. Im all loved out. The dumbest thing that Ive done for love, is FORCE myself out of it. Ive been in love with the same man since I was 10 years old, and am currently fighting the fact that he IS THE ONE for me. I just want to be free as of now. I hate the thought of love. Its kinda like...if your favorite food was pizza..and you ate pizza 10 YEARS STRAIGHT..the last THING THAT YOU WANT IS PIZZA! Even though you love it..too much of it puts a bad taste in your mouth. BLEH, thats what Im currently going through..It hurts sometimes, but Its what I want. So, as of now..i am using men for their company, but if they show too many feelings for me, i will let them go.


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  1. feeling you on the love thing.
    I almost fell head over heels for this guy i been seeing, then I realised he wasn't gonna love me back and was happy to keep me there for his own satisfaction and I kinda just went cold. I think We're now in the process of breaking up, last month I would have been hard on iont even care, i'm thinking about my nails.