Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Swine FLu Jitters.

So, tomorrow, my job is giving swine flu shots, and im extremely terrified. I dont know which one scares me more...the shot...or the actual flu. Im afraid that if I get the shot, my skin will ripple into a gazillion wrinkles and then burn into a deadly rash, and then i'll explode!
But, I asked a few doctors that I work with and they all took their shots, and they are taking their families to get the shot...SO, that eased my mind. I think I will get one, because I come in contact with lots of strangers every day considering I work at a hospital, where people with swine flu end up going ANYWAYS! Im just scared to death...If I die will you guys be SURE to keep up with Tasteless Diamonds, and make sure Darling Nikky doesnt replace me?! Thanks! I love you..check on me tomorrow!

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