Thursday, December 17, 2009

Preach!!!! Can I get a witness?!!

"Why are we all so quick to stop looking in the mirror at our own troubled lives...bad credit, lack of education or job skills, poor choices with the opposite sex, trying to live like Diddy when our homes are getting foreclosed, gossiping, jealous ranting or hating, or even not communicating with loved ones...its soooooo much easier to be obsessed with Tiger and Elin than dealing with our own troubled relationships...why get counseling for your daddy/mama/brother sister/relationship issues when we can hunt down a distraught woman and her 2 young children like animals??!! Why worry about how to pay for healthcare when we can laugh and joke about Lindsey Lohan. Journalists COULD do their jobs and sift through fact from what's in the National Inquirer but why when it’s sooooooo much easier to print lies/half truths or straight up fairy tales to sell newspapers or magazines...forget about journalistic integrity when you’ve got to compete with the internet...who needs truth and compassion when we can't wait for the next senseless tragedy or starlet scandal??!!
When will we come together and demand more from ourselves...more love and less hate...more fact finding than dirt digging...more lifting each other up and figuring out a way for life to improve than kicking people when they're down...hold yourself to the same high standards we set for people on TV that we'll never meet and don't put food on our the person you always wanted to be...I'd like to think we were all born inherently good and on occasion make mistakes...stop looking in your neighbor's backyard or Tigers’ or the girl who got the guy you liked or the dude who got the promotion you thought you deserved...we can only control ourselves."-Gabrielle Union via


  1. omg I just fell in love with you again (and her) for posting this amazing truthfulness haha I love love love this.

  2. I totally love her..this was great. Totally agree!