Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sickie Pants

Worst thing in the world...[besides falling in love with shoes, and they don't have your size] being sick. This whole tired, cold, hungry, not hungry, medication, chapped lips, sniffles, cough, sore, blah blah blah..etc. etc. etc. REALLY gets on my nerves. If I were a voodoo witch, or knew someone of that sort...BESTBUHLEEVE, id pay her a visit to wipe all this nastiness away from me. I have both the regular flu & H1N1 shot----where is the allergy/cold shot at?! Im sickies, and all i want is a drama movie, homemade soup, and a big, fat fluffy pillow. SIMPLE, and yet, im sitting here at work...blowing my soul out onto this tissue. =[ save me.


  1. OMG BABE! i am sick as hell too!

    ive been sitting in bed watching soap operas all day! it sucsks especially since it is summer here in australia :(

    hope you get better soon

  2. aww i felt like that all last week :/
    feel better kia!

  3. at least your nails cute lol! feel better girl!