Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ASKMEN.COM--best car to have sex in

No.1 - Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed

Their reasons for being the #1 choice:

Sex space: “Adequate,” to paraphrase Rolls-Royce
Ideal position: Victory -- her legs in the “V” formation like Winston Churchill’s famous gesture. Just try not to picture his face while you’re in the moment.

It isn’t that “Flying Spur” sounds like “flying spunk," this ultimate car to have sex in is like a W12-powered, W hotel suite -- if one were capable of 195 mph. Minimal outside noise will be drowned by her vocal approval and the throbbing 1,100-Watt Naim audio system, so you’ll be hard-pressed to isolate the source of all the velocity.

my opinion: looks spacious...It would have to be all black to be more sexy..but give me a sexy little black number and some mean pumps, and i'll think about the V position. lmao.


  1. it's a SEXY a** car...to have sex in *shrugs* lol

  2. I agree!! Give me some badd pumps and a sexxy lil dress and i'm IN...I think Black is sexier too but silver with mirror tints sounds sexy to me as well.