Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love vs. the ugly, awesome guy.

My idea of love is not at all simple. Its not pretty, its not ugly. Its sort of like that ugly guy that has everything awesome to offer you. Does that make sense? Let me break it down.
The ugly guy with everything to offer compared to Love.

He isnt pleasing to the eye, you may not want him due to the fact that you want to vomit everytime you look at him. SEX, sort of grosses you out because he is over weight, his eyes may be cocked, his skin is ashy...WHATEVER you dont like about him...it grosses you out! [giggles to self] You hate his physical features.

Now I compared this to love because sometimes the thought of love is scary. I may fight it just so that I dont have to feel it. I'll make excuses to deny it. Or, sometimes, I dont "feel" like being in love. It has ugly features about it!! It hurts. It brings out the worst qualities in people. It can be the worst feeling in the world.

Back to the ugly guy that has everything great to offer you. He may be the ugliest thing since...hmm, idk...Steve Buscemi [may i add, he scares the SHIT out of me!]

[clears throat]...yeah, so he's ugly...but, he may have EVERYTHING AWESOME! What if, he is well established in his life, artistic, funny, great morals, kind, giving, forgiving, great in bed, your family and friends adore him, and just an all around TOO good to be true guy? Then what happens?! Do you stay?!

So, then we compare that to love. It hurts, its stupid, it drives you nuts, it keeps you up at night, it makes you argue, depresses you, makes you drink?! BUT, BUT, BUT....you've had some of the sappiest moments with love. We get those worthless phone calls or texts that makes you smile like a child at a candy store. It makes you have hope when the entire world made you feel like it's turning you upside down. It lifts you up to motivate you to go forward. It makes dreams come true. So, what happens?? Do you stay?!

-----we take chance on love...not for its worsts, but for what it could bring us possibly when we cant fulfill our own destiny. We weren't made to be alone. For some reason, everyone needs someone to love. Sucks, that we try to be sooo independent...but a couple of days alone, is PAINFUL. Imagine sitting in a room for...hmm...at least 4 days. No phone, computer, texting, not even a soap to watch on t.v to scream at those dumb bastards!! Wouldnt that drive you nuts?! Sooooo...do you stay?!

"LOVE, it's like that ugly guy that has everything awesome to offer you." -Damnit Kia.


  1. i LOVE this and i agree because love isnt perfect. everyone has their own twisted definition of love..

    it means what it means to you, to i, to her, etc. but you broke it on down...

    why he gotta be ashy though? lmao

  2. lmao girl you put it down, I loved it and it's really true! I mean what's love got to do with it... haha sorry had to!!

    But really it's what's in your heart and no one can see but you and that other person, that's love invisible to the eye, it's unconditional only like god can provide and understand! <33