Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hip Hop Debate

So, I was a little bothered the other day. Nikky and I were listening to a discussion, rather a "debate" on hip hop. It was about these two people that can't hate on soulja boy, and they LOVE gucci mane because he is the worst, Best rapper alive.

We both decided that we don't want to be apart of that conversation. basically because WE KNOW AND LOVE HIP HOP! We all are aware that Soulja boy is making MADDD cash. And, everyone is on a Gucci hype. If you know and adore hip hop...we dont have to debate about it, or come to an agreement. I get kind of upset having these conversations with people. Dont debate music with me. Its just annoying. Soulja boy is mere entertainment for the young, or the ignorant ears who arent too fond of GOOD music. They just are hypnotized by the commercial radio. Gucci, I dont see how this can be ANYBODIES FAVORITE RAPPER! I mean, I understand why people like him. He is HILARIOUS and has awesome catch phrases. I dont know anyone who doesnt occasionally yell out a "BURR" now a days. I dig him too.

BUT!! Let it be known, and put it in writing....these two artists will NOT be in the hall of fame when we are older. These two will merely be memories. Like...remember soul 4 real-candy coated rain drops song? I mean, THAT WAS THEE JAM when we were younger, BUT, honestly..they are a "where are they now" type of group. Or how about when No Limit Soldiers were running shit?! Not a hall of famer, just a memory. SO, give Soulja 15 years...we will all be saying..."remember that superman song?! Where is he now?"

So, Hip hop debates...quit it! Just enjoy your music...but please, lets not put labels on shit that aint shit! IM JUSS SAYIN!

p.s I do apologize if Ive offended anyone...but this is MY opinion. Let me know if im wrong. I highly DOUBT that Im wrong..but this ought to be interesting if you dont agree. LMAO!


  1. entertainers vs. emcees
    for money or for lyrics

    just know the difference

    Soulja Boy is merely a joke to the entertainment industry!
    He's literally LAUGHED at. smh.
    & Gucci... well... "Burr" =|