Tuesday, May 18, 2010


i know, i know. We have been SOOO M.I.A. Not only have we NOT been posting, we haven't been keeping up with how well YOU guys are doing. We have a few new followers...how the hell are ya?! lol. A little update.

Nikky and I have been trying to keep up with our long distance relationship. We miss each other every time we separate. Once a month feels like DECADES for us! lol. We both have been a little slow to blogging because we both have tumblr accounts now. Well, she has had one for a while at http://nikkyface.tumblr.com and I am new to the game...so follow me too, i'm at http://damnitkia.tumblr.com But...Blogger is where we all started, and we miss you guys! so, sorry for all the slack and shit. And...am I new to this? but are there fake blog pages following us? SHAME SHAME SHAME!

well anyways, the picture up top is nikky and I getting all prettified for the dollar and a dream show..buncha so-cal rappers performed which was nice, a lot of cool kids chillin, and we watched the mayweather fight. oh...its a dedication for the trending twitter topic #TITTYTUESDAY