Thursday, January 29, 2009

BIG News Poppinn!

Today we made it official...he asked me to be his "girlfriend"!! [[gushes]] After 6 months he finally decided to add the title. We were texting & it went a lil somethin like this...

Me: Ok i know its not big I'm just kinna curious why. I was wonderin why u haven't tried to make us official-official. Like boyfriend/girlfriend? I know its just a title but i was just wonderin why

Him: Babe ive been so wrapped n our relationship it slipped my mind i knw ur mines but we do need that title I just been really happy babe...u been thinkin bout that?

Me: It crossed my mind hella times. Esspicially when im like "my boyfriend...I mean" haha. I was just curious. U know how dudes be on that ima "wife u up" it was never no biggie to me tho cause ive always treated u like "my boyfriend." Like the title was just a title to me. But now when I think of it its more like a claim. I def wanna "claim" u

Him: Ima call u ina min babe. Check how u spelled "esspicially"

He's always being a smartass! But he's my baby! He called me and said those 5 lil words..."Will you be my Girlfriend?" ahhhh! YES!!! He's the funniest, sweetest, cutest, love-able, sexiest, goofiest, smiley-EST and definitely my favorit-EST man in the world! My peanut butter to my jelly! He's my Will Smith! My blessing n disguise n this hawt lil package!



  1. awwwwww i need that feelin again...and i was readin like shoot his ass better stop textin and call her already! haha

    cute cute<3

  2. lol....[[readin it the next day...i sound like a 14yr old]] haha! i dont care! im superr happy!

    keepinn it gangstaaaaaa


  3. thankiier everybody!!
    i feel the L-O-V-E!!