Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kia's lightskinned lovers.

SO, nikkyface & i have been going over the fact that i have this thing towards lighter lovers. LOL, i dont know what it is..but lightskinned dont get played to me. its not a phase..its just they on some hawt shit. So, i had to pick a top three..and lets get a drum roll..and some cups to catch the drool. lol. number uno. i mean, i know he aint THATTTT light...but he aint no darky..and i swear i will love him forever.

He's Mikey, He rocks.

Next in line, Oh man, an oldie but goodie..lmao..effin aye..he is on fiyah!


Id hate to cut it at three, but a deal is a deal..So, last but not least..the beautiful..the innocent..the scruffy..
J2K of Flosstradamus

& just for shits and giggles, imma add a P.S that nikky!! TOP THAT!! Did you forget?!?! i would HOPE NOT! light skinned is hella still in love.


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  1. ugghhhhh those are some fine looking men! foreeeellll