Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"if you want it DizZy, ask me"

"in a world full of non dreamers and non believers, beware fellow dreamers, they tryna delete us"

EdotDizzy put his mixtape up for download.http://edotdizzy.blogspot.com/. I know him for his awesome blogging abilities, But, now there is more. His mixtape is Titled Dizzyana:no hook, for his decision to make a complete mix of NOTHING but bars. Literally NO HOOKS. I think its awesome and a great showcase to show what he has to offer. My persoanl likings are: Talkin out ya neck, pussy money weed, and successful.

Kia: whats your favorite song on your mixtape?
Dizzy: Um. I have a few
Kia: kay. top 2
Dizzy: Runnin, talkin out ya neck
Kia: why?
Dizzy: Runnin states how I feel now, "in a world full of non dreamers and non believers, beware fellow dreamers, they tryna delete us." That just express how I feel
Kia: is that your fave line?
Dizzy: Yes. Talkin out ya neck I feel I was just talking sooo much shit, "I been a boss since way back, way back, since throw backs and wave caps believe dat, be ease scrap or goons a be where you sleep at, one wrong move and ya thoughts a be where ya sheets at" I have lines that I hear and chuckle haha
Kia: LOL! entertainnnnment much? lol.
Dizzy:But yeah..
Kia: so dizzy dont like skinny jeans and smedium tops eh? lol
Dizzy: Haha hell naw
Kia: whats your style like?
Dizzy: Idk. Haha. Levis, Creative recs, fresh tee, New jacket, Clean mohawk
Kia: No hooks. thats pretty cool..being that i appreciate ALL music..and hate how sugar coated hip hop can be at times..you know majority of people LIVE for hooks & beats only..what about them..LMAO..you left them out. why?
Dizzy: I didn't leave the people out who love hooks. I have more music
With hot hooks. Amazin shit. But I don't wanna be known for hooks and gimmicks. Just talent, word play, witty, style
Kia: haha. brag much? yeah. as an artist should.
Dizzy: Exactly
Kia: what artist do you feel you can rank under...and one artist that you most def rank over.
Dizzy: Tough question
Kia: an awesome question...its better than ranking yourself a 1-10. its more of a greater denominator..LMAO.
DizzyI feel I can rank under Lil Wayne as far as just bar for bar. I listen to him and be like damn. He gives u sick line after line. I feel that's where im going with my music, known to deliver hot line after line. I know I rank over alll the new lil kats. ALL!

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