Thursday, April 16, 2009

What do u do wit all that ass?!!

I am not a hater, I love ass my damn self! BUT what do u do wit ALL that ass?!
 I mean what is it abt the ass?!! I waant feedback on this one!
Watch this video, 
the first 6 minutes I found to be pretty damn intresting! In mindstate of a man lol...smh!

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  1. I dont know what the big hoopla is either...Most of these men dont even know what to do with a big booty

  2. she got a ba-donk-ka-donk-donkkkk!

    & i've been to the place where that pic was taken lol, pretty cool.

  3. i love trey songz...

    && i have a new found respect for jd! lolz

  4. This is so funny! I always wondered what they think too! I love Trey Songz! This was very informative...