Sunday, April 12, 2009

While searching for Easter bunnies I found this....

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Do u bitches really do this shit for fun?! LMAOOOO!


  1. lmfao.

    im hoping those Carmine 6s are faking.
    because it would bother me more to know she would be disrespecting them like that.

  2. =D daaamn that ass was nice but why the fuck is it a slew of females just poppin they ass on cam for the fuck of it? Can't even see her face, that's what i was waiting for. ugh!

  3. lol hell nah..i dont even do that for my dude baahahaha

  4. hahaha! her ass was bouncin outta her panties! lol!
    And duhhh dizzy...her face was hiden 4 a reason! lol!

  5. i didn't even watch the video in its entirety. SMH. females these days.
    - lexxxx!