Friday, May 1, 2009

Best 1st Round Playoff Series

Bulls vs. Celtics aka Rookies vs. Vets aka 1999 Pacers vs. Bulls

Triple OT! Fighting! 40 plus game time minutes!
Ray Allen with 29 N the 1st half!
Big Baby wit 20 plus?!
KG on the bench?!!
Noah balls like his college days?!!
Ray Allen ends the game with 51 points!
[teach me! teach me!]
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Kuuuussssshhhhh N ya faaacccceeeeeee!
What it taste like?!!
Sent game into double OT!
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And this sexy man! Rookie of the year: Derick Rose.
I will faithfully watch game 7 tommorow night.
You should too! LoL!
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  1. the playoffs bring out the best in EVERYONE!
    this has been some good ass games...omg!

  2. gotta looooove what derick rose is bringing to the nba. this game was #1 intense. love it.