Friday, May 1, 2009

Tyga-Cali <3

Will always show L O V E to my babyboo!
"Who it be candyman/ Say my fucknn name in 3s/Tyga Tyga Tyga/gotta remember me"
Take me down memory lane...went to a concert where he was performing. My home girl said we "must" take a pic with him before we leave. Yepp we took that picture...and um he liked my shoes N i liked his tats...And then he said "u should come post wit me on the bus." Well orightyy then! Lightweight nervous cause I ain't on NO groupie hype I hesitantly agreed. Gentleman as ever! He got me everything I wanted. Water cause I don't drink. Cheese pizza cause I don't eat meat. His sweater cause I was cold. Music began to play on the bus, my home girl got loose with his DJ, his homeboys flowing N the back of the bus, we got into ah sexy one ON one convo. I liked his bubblegum lips and he liked my overflowing chest [NOT like that you nastiiees...visually] then he gave me a couple of soft kisses on my cheek when BEEP my boyfriend to be texted me. My councious got to me and I had to cut errrythang short! We exchanged math and kept it simple.
Got madd love for a
R E S P E C T F U L man like that.

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  1. aowww lol before reading I was about to say something mean about him but i guess hes ok! I still think his music is wack lol

  2. lol i was about to say giiiirl what happened to ur man!...he's cute but his music is whateva...

    very nice of him tho =]

  3. hes sexy

    and the boyfriend to be buzz was a sign!

  4. nik nik! uz a luckyyyy betch! hahaa

  5. yeah good dude and his music def reaches a younger crowd....
    i appreciate his positive flow tho...

  6. aww @ the story.
    he seems like a sweetheart!
    & hes cute ;)