Wednesday, July 29, 2009

blogger DOA?

i was scrolling through our daily reads, and i noticed that majority of our fellow bloggers havent updated in months. I feel guilty if we go a week. LOL! Just a question..where are you guys? Dont let me resort to Perez Hilton for juicyness..he just isnt my cup-O-tea. Come back awesome bloggers. thats a demand. STOP HIDING i miss you. LMAO.

-Kia of tasteless diamonds.


  1. i like this blog!!!!!! lol anyway yeah everyone been MIA!!! && i`m rethinking the white ink haha

  2. i know right i dont want to delete people cause they dont update :( i love blogs ♥

  3. i got a new blog .

  4. I just recently started updating again, I had been M-I-A due to making money lol

    I love this blog too :)