Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Favorites Hate it When Wednesday.

-I hate it when people say "call me" but when you ask why, wassup..they say.."nothing" -edotdizzy

-I hate it when dumb girls try to speak intelligently and they use the words "basically" and "actually" 45 times in a sentence! -FlypaperCross

-I hate it when she spits it back out and it goes on my clean bed sheets, i will off her face, mind, body, and spirit for that shit -Mistaianjay

-I hate it when people ask me how was work, WHO THE FUCK CARES, work was work.[says it w/ major attitude] -loniiiann

-I hate it when people update their status on myspace, dont have a twitter yet?? -Nikkyface

-I hate it when a girl comes through, peels off all her clothes. She has her hands and toes done, but has ass and stink pussy odor. -Efffreddy

-I hate when you think a dude is cool, and you guys talk every now and then. But all of a sudden he turns into a bug-a-boo and he aint even your man! -miss_concon

-I hate crocs and microbraids, thats the worst style ever. -jungleboy

-I hate when im horny and dick is NOT available! -Nikamay

-I hate girls fucking girls with straps. It always puzzles me. Just get a guy if you're going to use a strap. -EdotDizzy


  1. i love this, great post!

  2. "I hate it when some duchebag takes all the credit for the work that you did.." smh.

    haha I do this on my blog too (BIG BOI in the morning!!) Thank for reading and commenting. I'm really lovin your blog too

    keep it up ladies