Monday, September 14, 2009

Whitney X Oprah

"I mix the rock cocaine with marijuana, roll it up and smoke it. Its kind of like mixing heroine with speed. The marijuana calms down the cocaine." -Whitney Houston.
Did you see this shit kids? Ive been waiting for this interview for years, all this juicy truth dead out and flat surfaced. No bullshit, all real. She put my soul at rest. Cocaine confessions, bobby confessions..i love it. Im so glad shes no longer a weirdo crack bitch anymore, excuse my french. Im not even gunna post those old pics, we all seen her at her worst, lets pray she gets her fly on from 2009 and beyond.


  1. Aww man i wanna see this!!! Am I a bitch cause I thought cracked out Whitney was fun? lol On aa serious note...she looks amazing now!

  2. LMAO! i thought her and bobby's show was hilarious..but when your a middle aged icon that everyone used to love..she shouldnt be repping would be tragic if she added to the celeb death rate to drugs..its played out.