Wednesday, October 21, 2009

50 cent--we are the world remix?!

Im not a big 50 fan, but he was on the 92.7 radio station with BIG BOY. And i had a little chuckle. They play a game called "IF"..they build a scenario to where the artists have to make a decision if in a horrible situation..and here is 50's!

BIG BOY-So, 50, if you seen this family, and they are a loving, wonderful family..If they were going to be homeless for an entire year, MIND YOU, you see that its a father, mother, and a little son...and the only way to save them from being homeless is if you had to recreate a "we are the world" song..with fat joe, ja-rule, rick ross---would you do it?!?!

50 CENT--hell nah, i wouldnt do that..they'll make it through the year!!

BIG BOY- what if its 2 families?!?!

50 CENT--can i just get em a coat?!

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