Monday, November 2, 2009

AMERIE-Then & Now.

Im sorry, im excited for her new album to come out. A lot of people sleep on her, but she has a beautiful strong voice, and she's BAD! Im buying, sorry kids. And, my oh my has she matured since we first seen her in 2002!!! chea!


Dropping November 3, 2009--cop it.

P.S--also dropping 11/3/09 is Ryan Leslie, shwayze [ehh, im not getting this album], and little dragon. ALSO, i just bought Fashawn's album--cooh cooh vibe. AND, basement JAXX, if your into dance/electronica like MEEE, go grab that!! Theres a HOT track with Kelis..and one with santogold, and its fiyah!


  1. AMERIE! I loved her ever since I heard that one song on Hitch. One Thing? Or something?
    I'm excited for her new album, plus she recorded a song with Trey Songz & he's my number one.

    Fashawn is dope.

  2. oh yes her album is crazy hot.
    I did a review about it on my blog earlier.
    && I cant wait for Ryan Leslie's, he's amazing too.

  3. I've loved Amerie since the of my FAVES: "Talkin To Me" OmG...LOVE IT!

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  5. i Like One Thing too..but going back i like Why do we fall in Love..and i Love Heard Em...Damn ryan leslie be having a couple of nice songs (how its suppose to be my Fave)but they never give none of his songs the hype the other stars get..but i still mess with him won't be gettin the cd but i will listen to someones whoever i know that gets it and downloading fave