Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nikkyface X Photo Booth

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So my favorite thing right now is my photo booth on my macbook! As conceited as it sounds I love taking pictures on it, and yesterday I did just that! While having a great convo with my boo, I was snapping away! Good thing he can make me laugh! I also posted this on my tumblr. Be sure to check that out!


  1. its my fav thing to do too :)
    cute pics & i love that lip color on you!

  2. awww I wish I could do that. U look super adorable!

  3. I want a mac so bad! I feel like a fucking step child! everyone has one! You look gorgeous!!!!

  4. girl I love photo booth. Makes me feel like a model. You look FLYYY in those pics dear.

  5. it's been too long since i've come by! You ladies are still doing the damn thing! LOVE it!

    hmmm... mac book. I'm so not tech savvy. Im scared i wont know wtf im doing! LOL!


  6. ive always wanted a macbook..and this is one of the
    i love the different affects that you can play with in photobooth
    you look beautiful.
    i love the smile and the lipstick

  7. I seen this on your tumblr and was like awww mama got that smile back :D you looks so cute! I love the dark lips and nails, so hot! love you miss you lady!!!

  8. omg i loveee doing it too with other people's macbooks until i get my own haa.